About Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness Medspa in Farmington, Utah

Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness is a leading med spa located in beautiful Farmington, Utah. Our business was built on the premise that women are vastly unique and complex human beings. This is why we provide services tailored to ensure women receive the expert attention and treatments they deserve. Using education and innovative solutions, we offer treatments that meet the concerns of the modern woman. Our Farmington team of experts has over 40 years of experience in women’s health and medical aesthetics. We have helped countless women achieve the feminine well-being they deserve with comprehensive feminine rejuvenation and aesthetic wellness treatments.

Aesthetics should be a luxurious, all-inclusive experience that every woman can enjoy. Team members, selected for their education and experience, craft holistic and results-oriented treatment plans for each patient. Our incredible team holds themselves responsible and accountable for your health and wellness journey. This is why our providers are equipped with top-tier services, knowledge, and expertise for providing a personal approach to women’s wellness. 

With an emphasis on integrity, education, and a relentless commitment to patient success, Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness is rooted in the needs of our Farmington, Utah, community. Our luxury medical spa redefines what the aesthetic experience looks and feels like for the patient and the provider.

Meet The Team

Holly Henry
Founder of Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Holly is the founder and medical director of Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness. Holly has 20 years of experience in women’s health and aesthetics. Holly has trained medical providers all over the U.S. at the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics. She is certified in advanced women’s health modalities like the O-shot and has performed the service for many years. Holly’s passion is to empower women with confidence. She provides beautiful, natural results and focuses on the personal connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Holly brings a gentle touch, compassion, experience, and care to each patient interaction.


Kristen Spencer
Feminine Rejuvenation Specialist

Kristen joins Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness with 14 years of experience in the aesthetics industry. She is an experienced RN, cosmetic injector, and master esthetician. As a highly trained professional, Kristen values the relationships she builds and the confidence she instills in her patients through careful, customized treatment plans. She knows the industry is evolving, so she prioritizes continuing education. In fact, Kristen now spends time training other professionals in the aesthetics space. Although Kristen loves training and education, nothing compares to the relationships she builds with clients in the treatment room. She takes a holistic approach to women’s health and beauty and knows that wellness doesn’t stop at the face but requires a full-body approach. Feminine wellness is one of the fastest-growing segments in the aesthetic industry. Rejuvenation and restoration of function coupled with sexual well-being are achieved using the latest technologies, including radiofrequency and PRP/PRF. Empowering women to take control of their health is Kristen’s passion.

Shauna Thompson
Shauna Thompson
SkinCare Specialist

Shauna has 16 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. She joins Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness, having spent almost two decades helping clients achieve glowing skin. Shauna knows that skincare is not just superficial but intricately connected to physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Her experience in cosmetic surgery, medical spas, and education allows Shauna to understand, connect, and provide her clients with the best results. Shauna has a passion for education and instilling confidence in all people. Shauna prides herself in creating a safe space for her clients and values the trust her clients put in her hands to take care of them.


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