Exosomes – 5 different ways exosomes benefit wellness and aesthetics

Exosomes, What they are and 5 benefits Lotti Aesthetics and Wellness is committed to providing cutting-edge and personalized wellness. Our providers recognize how integral exosomes are in aesthetic wellness. We see exosomes as a solution to positively impact aesthetic outcomes and feminine rejuvenation.   Exosomes(1) are extracellular vesicles released by cells, carrying a payload of proteins, […]

Botox and It’s Transformative Benefits

Botox being administered

Botox and It’s Transformative benefits Women and men alike are looking for solutions to allow themselves to put their best face forward. People want their complexion to be a reflection of their confidence. Skin resurfacing and injectable treatments can help rejuvenate the skin so patients of all ages can look as good as they feel. […]