Urinary incontinence quiz

Urinary incontinence impacts 50% of women, take the quiz to see where you may have difficulties.

Take the quiz, see where you may struggle.

Do you leak urine (even small amounts), wet yourself, garments, or pads when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or engage in physical activity?(Required)
Do you ever experience a sudden or intense urge to urinate with little to no warning?(Required)
After using the bathroom, do you feel your bladder is not empty?(Required)
Have you noticed a gradual weakening of your pelvic floor muscles?(Required)
Have you given birth vaginally?(Required)
Do you have to rush to the bathroom because you get a sudden, strong need to urinate?(Required)
Do you feel a need to urinate often?(Required)
Have your urinary symptoms affected your relationships with your partner/family or friends?(Required)
Has your bladder control issue caused you embarrassment or anxiety?(Required)
Do you get up at night to urinate?(Required)
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